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RC Phone app is automatically logging out - Android

About 3 weeks ago, the RC Phone on my Android began automatically logging me after after a couple of hours due to inactivity. We have now had a 2nd phone in our organization which began automatically logging the user off which began last week. So far we have had no reports of iPhone automatically logging users out. Any ideas?

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It's working thanks!

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We have had a 3rd mobile phone in our organization that started autologging off due to inactivity start last week. All 3 are Androids. Update: We found that when we do not use SSO to sign into the app, the app is no longer autologging out of the RC Phone app but unsure why. As Jenna stated above, try logging in with the direct number and password instead of SSO.

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Thank you Jessica!!

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We have had no further auto-logouts on Android since we updated to

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Hello Melissa,

Apologies! Can you try to uninstall the app and reinstall it? Also, if you have a direct number, can you log in using that and the same password. Thank you!

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Our product team was able to reproduce this issue and released a patch to fix this today. Please ensure you are on version 20.3.2 and you should be all set!

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Hi Jessica. I upgraded my app to The problem still persists. Sometimes it is different - I will be able to open the app seemingly logged in, but the profile icon in the upper left corner does not have a colored dot on the bottom right to indicate the status like it usually does. In those cases when pressing on the icon it will not take me to the usual screen where I can change my status, it is some odd screen that just has my phone number and extension at top.

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Hmm, this sounds like it may be a different issue. Previously, people were being logged out of the phone app entirely.

If you're experiencing presence issues with your status not reflecting, please open a new case with out Tech Support team. Thank you!

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