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Silent Data Loss bug in RingCentral app, desktop and web; Some users may not be receiving texts

When you create a text message to someone in your ogranization in the RingCentral mobile app the default behavior is to send to the users extension, e.g Joe Smith at extension 123, not Joe Smith at 804-555-1212. However, the RingCentral desktop app does not display text messages sent to the extension.

Please let me repeat that in slightly different wording. The RingCentral desktop app does not display texts that are sent inside an organization from the mobile version of the RingCentral app.

I opened a support case and Ringcentral is treating it like I am requesting a feature be added to the RingCentral desktop app. They do not seem to see this silent data loss bug as a bug at all.

Please have your colleagues that are only using the RingCentral desktop app check their text messages through either RingCentral Phone app for desktop, or one of the RingCentral mobile apps. It looks like the web app has the same bug.

This is regarding sms texting, not the “Messaging” feature.

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