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Manage meeting rooms from a single device


we have a lot of Meeting Rooms in the company for which we need to have a better governance.

It often happens that employees have issues connecting/joining meetings but with the current set-up we are not able to properly support them when in-need, as if I try to connect a different iPad from the one already available in the room, this one is removed.

We would need the possibility to have an “admin” iPad or a web portal which can control all the Meeting Rooms in the building without having to impact attendance.

Do you have such a service available?

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@Federico Tondini Thanks for sharing this idea. We've been in touch with your CSM and we'll be sharing your idea with the product team responsible for these kinds of ideas.

I would recommend reaching out to your CSM for updates.
If we can assist further, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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