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Where does my Fax Message Transmission Result go?

We're in the process of getting ready to roll out the fax function of RingCentral, starting with outbound faxing first [baby steps!]. While testing and fiddling with how we wanted it to look and feel, I would send test faxes, and then receive a Fax Message Transmission Result to my own email. So far, so good. I then finalized the configuration [I thought] and assigned the various fax lines their own email addresses. I also added user email addresses to each fax line [department-based] in preparation for their use. Now when I send a fax, the Transmission Result email is only going to the email address associated with the fax line, and not the actual sender [in this case, me]. Is there a way to change this? If you have 50 people associated with a given fax line, I don't want to necessarily have to give them all access to that email account. Or am I stuck? Suggestions certainly welcome!

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Hey @Norm Cutler! Thanks for posting this question. You have to check the "message and notification" if that would be the email you use for "user details." It has to be the same; click HERE to view the steps on how you can configure it. Thank you!

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Hi Jenn... We already have that option set, and it does work, insofar as it sends an email notification to the email address associated with the extension. However, that isn't where I want it to go. On the Outbound Calls/Faxes tab, in the Fax Settings section, under the Faxes Sent via Email heading, I have a number of number of entries defined as "Email addresses permitted to send faxes". What I would like to see happen [and what makes sense to me] is to have the Fax Message Transmission Result sent to the person that actually sent the fax. Having it go only to the defined Message Notification email address would result in me having to grant every user rights to that email account. This is less than ideal. I really need the sender to receive the Transmission Result email directly. Any other ideas? Thanks,

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You can add multiple email addresses in the notification field. However, the fax transmission will be sent to all email addresses that you put into.

E.g.,;; (this is the format).I hope this will help you. Thank you!

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