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Historical Service Level

I am brand new to RingCentral and getting up to speed on reporting. I have a question about Service Levels. I can see in Live Reporting that I can see the service level for today as calls are coming in. However, I see no way of getting that information for previous time periods via the performance reporting. The SLA column is not the same as the Service Level in Live Reporting. The rep who provided implementation training didn't see any way of finding this data in historical reporting. I find that a bit hard to believe, since its such a core piece of performance data for call queues.

Has this topic come up before? If its not available, is there a way to request it for consideration for a future enhancement?

Thanks in advance.

As a follow-up, I went in to edit my Service Level widget in Live Reports, and saw a message that says:

Note: Any changes here will affect this widget as well as all places where SLA calculation is used for this queue.

That seems to contradict what the rep told me on the phone today. So any assistance with understanding Service Level vs. SLA would be greatly appreciated.

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