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Issue with conferencing in another party on a RC Cisco phone and the call rings the desk phone of the person monitoring their calls via Presence

We have a user who is monitoring and answering calls for their boss - and this works fine for them - we have the RC settings and permissions all set up correctly.

However, if the boss is on a call with someone and decides to conference in another individual using the Conference soft key on his phone, her phone rings when the boss calls to add the new participant to the call - like it is a new incoming call. It is very odd. And on caller ID, she sees the phone number of the original participant on the call while the phone rings.

For the user - she does not know if it is a new call or if he is adding another caller to his current call. She has accidentally intercepted several of his conference calls. The boss has a Cisco 8861 and the user has a Polycom 450.

In IT, we reproduced this issue using a Cisco 8861 and a Polycom 350.

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