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Encrypted Messaging?

I'm looking to create some home automation routines and trying to find a reliable, secure means of communicating events to my end users. While SMS will work in a pinch, it's not encrypted or really secure. Considering the API I'm working on will expose things like temperature control and camera events from a home, keeping the communication channel absolutely secure is a MUST.

Twilio and other services allow for direct, programmatic integration with services like WhatsApp. Does RingCentral support something similar? (WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, etc ... I don't care so much about the service so long as it's encrypted and secure.)

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Answering my own question -

Yes, encrypting messages before they're sent is possible but wasn't quite what I was looking for. After taking a deeper dive into the documentation and working with the amazing developer advocates I discovered the Engage Digital platform, which has support for both Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp!

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If I understood your question correctly, you want to have a secure network connection to carry encrypted communication data over it.

If you check the link here:

Ringcentral does have an end to end srtp protocol providing encryption between all the endpoints and provides transport security layer (TLS)

Also this link had a similar kind of queries with message encryption:

Which has a valid point saying that sending an encrypted message to an external application requires an authentication to decrypt it . A custom application required that need to be installed in both devices from where message is flowing that can encrypt and decrypt in both endpoints and can be integrated with ringcentral APIs hiding the data while ringcentral voice already have encryption features mentioned above.

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Not quite what I'm looking for. I do realize the API is already protected by TLS; I'm more concerned about the ability to encrypt a message for a specific recipient than anything else. Without spinning up my own mobile application.

Twilio, for example, features a direct API integration with WhatsApp for encrypted messages. I'm hoping RingCentral has similar (or at least plans for a similar feature in the future).

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