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Number Inventory Update Challenges

I have a very large company that holds 100's of number blocks, 0001 - 0099, that are currently sitting in my "all numbers" tab under site: Company. Previously when updating a new device I could simply choose the number I want to edit. Well now I need to add extra steps to move the number from the company site to the "number inventory". From here I can then go back to my device, edit number, select the number in my inventory.

This is just another update that provides nothing but more work for our technicians with no way to move multiple numbers at once.

Even if I could move all my company numbers there at one time I do not see how this was a beneficial change.

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@Service Desk JH This sounds like something that would be good for the Ideas Portal.
We encourage you to submit this challenge and we'll do our best to get this in front of the Product Team.

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Hey Becky the Community Manager, why can't you submit this to the Ideas Portal? Why doesn't RingCentral customer support do anything to help your clients with problems. All you seem to do is re-send the same emails asking if a problem has been resolved without ever really helping or addressing the problem. Try being a little proactive for your clients instead of adding more barriers to getting problems resolved.

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@under-a-mountain-web-solutions We ask that customers share their use case in the Ideas Portal because they tell the story of their issues best.
If you're experiencing some sort of challenge, I'm happy to assist. Please feel free to reach out at and we're happy to facilitate.

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