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Default Hot Desk Call Handling

Currently, every time someone logs into a hot desk phone, the phone is set to only ring 4 times or 20 seconds. Our call queues are set to ring much longer than that, but the phone doesn't continue to ring after that. Can we change the default hot desking call handling time to 15 rings/75 seconds?

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Hello @Trevor Kurtz, you can change the ring through the user extension of the person who is logged in to the hot desk. I was able to change the ring for one of your Hotdesk phones. Please see the screenshot below:

Change it to Users Extension.



I am hoping this will help you. Thank you!

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Trevor Kurtz avatar image Trevor Kurtz commented ·

Hi Jenn, thank you for reaching out. We have been able to make that change, but every time someone logs in and out, it resets to 4 rings/20 seconds. It would be nice for it to save the previous setting when they log back in or be able to set the default to 15 rings/75 seconds.

Thank you,

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Hello Trevor, apologies! It needs to change manually when someone is logged in. This will fall to feature requests. I would highly suggest posting this idea HERE. Thank you for your patience.

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