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"0 rings/0 secs" with call queues in Classic app

We have rolled out the RingCentral classic app organization-wide and are using it in conjunction with Polycom desk phones. Many of our users have Call Handling settings under Desktop/Mobile App set to "0 Rings/0 Secs" in order to allow the app and their desk phone to ring simultaneously.

I got a report from a user today who is a member of a call queue, working remotely (away from their deskphone). They needed to change Desktop & Mobile on their extension to 4 or 5 rings in order to allow queue calls to ring their Classic app long enough to answer. The 0 Rings setting rang once but not long enough to pick up.

The queue itself is set to move to the next available agent after 5 Rings/25 seconds.

Is this the expected behavior in RC Classic when queue calls come in?

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Hello @Andrew Thomas, I would highly suggest using our updated unified app. You can get the app HERE! Thank you.

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We are definitely looking at that for the future, however we have teams that rely on functionality in the tasks feature that doesn't seem to be available in the new desktop app as yet, and want to keep as many people as possible on the same version for consistency.

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@Andrew Thomas This is an important use case! Can you please respond to our poll found HERE.

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