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I have a user who wants the RC app to ring on her phone but not on her computer.

Is that possible without turning them both off and forwarding it to her cell (which is not an option in her case because her cell coverage sucks from home).

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That does not working for me. Not sure what the 4W means either. I called support on this and they said that option to disable the ring is not available in the newest version.

Our version

Version: Web, Windows

Date: 2020-11-13 00:50:34

He was able to show me where to turn on the notifications for the phone, but that only worked for popups and popup sounds, The phone still rings.

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Support is correct. We are aware this is a limitation, but it is on Product's radar.
We would recommend you visiting the Ideas Portal to submit an idea for this.
You can do that HERE.

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