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Who is having SMS to Verizon blocked/fail?

Have had several months of our SMS messages being blocked by Verizon. Anyone else having this issue? RC says no, but even with a brand new number, many of our messages to Verizon are blocked. Is happening with all of our staff. It's even happening to my own Verizon phone; so it's not that people are blocking us. It's a RC issue with Verizon. Happens when sending from the App and API. Probably the RC portal too but haven't tried.

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I sent a text to someone I know is on Verizon, they got it.

Maybe this is related?

AWS Outage Has Taken Down a Big Chunk of the Internet - Slashdot

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Hello @Eric Normand, I want to check if you are still experiencing the issue? If yes, please send us an email to for the number sample, and we'll check it for you! Thank you.

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