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RingCentral App Survey! Please take a peek!

Hey, Team! We're curious about who is using the new RingCentral app and who isn't.
We'd love your feedback!

Please share your answer in the survey below!
Also, please share any additional thoughts on the subject in the comments.
We're eager to hear from you.

If you haven't switched to the RingCentral app, we'd like to understand why!

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bob-robinson3288 avatar image bob-robinson3288 commented ·

Inability to have it default to phone features, or a 'compact mode' just for those features. Also, it's not feature-complete (RingOut, HUD) compared to RC Phone.

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Becky-Community_Manager avatar image Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ bob-robinson3288 commented ·

Thanks, @bob-robinson! You know we love hearing from you and appreciate you.

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collin-anderson answered Phil Denton commented

I've seen some improvements over the last year or so, but I'm still not comfortable rolling it out to my employees. I've been using it myself a little to try it out.

The visual design needs to make the basic phone features more visible if this is intended to be a replacement for RC Phone.

It needs to be _way_ more clear how to simply make an outgoing phone call. It's nice that the dial pad now pops up the first time you open the phone section, but it's still not clear enough if you minimize the dial pad.

Think about it from the user perspective. Here's my actual though process the first time I used the app: I want to make a phone call. Where do I do that? Ok I'll click the phone icon, as that's the most natural icon. Ok, visible options are Call history, Voicemail, Fax, and Text. - No visible "Start Call" option. Maybe I hit the plus sign in the top right? No "Start Phone Call" option in that dropdown. Only later did I realize what the icon in the top right with the all the dots was. I thought the dial-pad icon was some sort of app switcher, similar to the Google Suite user interfaces. Google Search, YouTube and Gmail all 9 dots in a square in the top right which mean something completely different than "make a phone call". Outlook has the same icon in the top left. A grid of dots in the top bar means app switcher, not dial pad. (Yes, I know you have 10 dots, but it's _way_ too similar.)

Either the dial pad icon in the top right needs a text label, or the "+ New Actions" dropdown menu needs a "Start a Phone Call" option.

In the phone section of the app, There needs to be an always-visible "Start Call" menu option (or Dial Pad icon), just above the "Call History" section. The tiny plus sign that only appears on hover is _way_ to hidden for users who will need to primarily use this app for making phone calls.

One issue I noticed today: when pasting a phone number in the search bar, it needs to give the option to dial it. I don't want my users getting confused by that search bar.

One thing that would also help, would be to have an option (maybe for admins) to make "Phone" the default screen, rather than "Messages".

Another thing that would help: Consider having small text labels below all icons on the left sidebar. Yes, it adds a little bit of clutter to the design, it would _really_ help adoption for new users!

Anyway, I'll try to keep any eye out for more stuff like this. I'd really like to switch my people over so I don't need to deal with the "Deauthorize" issue with RC Phone, but these issues need to be fixed.

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Becky-Community_Manager avatar image Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ commented ·

@collin-anderson Thanks for digging around and finding this post. Glad to read about your team's situation. I'm going to share this with our Product team for some visibility on what you're experiencing.
Let us know if you have anything else to share! Your feedback is important to us.

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Phil Denton avatar image Phil Denton commented ·

The labels are a great idea, especially if you could toggle them on and off. Almost like a "training mode".

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Phil Denton avatar image Phil Denton commented ·

PS Collin is on to something here with how minimal the interface is. I actually have a client who called me frustrated one day because he couldn't find the "Redial" button. I told him the app worked exactly like his cellphone (go to the dial pad, click "Send" and you'll see the last number you dialed) but for some reason users can't connect cellphone-like features to using RingCentral. Having a minimal interface is great for tech-savvy folks, but for the less tech-saavy there needs to be a way to make things clearer.

Either that or make a nice, five-minute, training video on YouTube for how to use the app and all its basic functions. Yeah, this is something partners can do during training but some people are just slow learners....

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Phil Denton answered

The previous gentlemen nailed it. I'm selling the vision of a unified calling experience to my clients. Calling from any device - desktop, mobile, Outlook, or Chrome - is the name of the game and only the RC Phone does all that.

My preferred setup for personal and client use is to use the RC Phone app first and foremost. Then, add RC for Outlook and RC for Chrome but set both so they ring in/out of RC Phone. Teaching three different GUIs is way too much for a new RC user so I just route ALL calls through the RC Phone app. That way, Outlook, Chrome, or elsewhere, it's always the same app - RC Phone - that appears.

Not being able to do this in the "RC Classic" or current "RC" app is a real productivity killer and the number #1 reason I haven't adopted it myself or recommended it to clients.

It's cool that the new app has voice/text/video all tied into one, and yes, Covid is driving more video, but most of my clients just want an easy, predictable way to make and receive a call.

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