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Cannot Merge Calls - iPhone error

We have a user utilizing the RingCentral app on her iPhone. When she tries to merge calls she receives this error. I have confirmed that she has the most up to date iOS software, the latest version of the RingCentral app, and has also uninstalled and re-installed the app with no luck. I spoke with Ahmad Bahauddin and he let me know this was a a bug issue with reference number COOPS-6859 .

We have multiple users on iPhones who are not experiencing this error. Is there a reason this is only affecting one of our users? Additionally, is this something our other iPhone users should expect to experience in the near future?

I was told that there is currently no work around for this solution. Please advise


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We are having the same issue. Following

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I have spotted this issue with four of my user and all are running 14.2 IOS. I have not seen this issue with users running just 14.0 IOS. I have no idea if that is relevant or not.

I have a user, with this issue, upgrading to 14.3. I'll have to let you know if that somehow fixes the issue, but this is not an isolated issue.

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Becky-Community_Manager avatar image Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ German Leal commented ·

Hey, @Keith Lebel @German Leal @Sally Eisenberg @Bryan Jones
I'm working with the product team to dig into this further.
Hang tough and we'll update here as we get details.

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As a follow up: @Keith Lebel @German Leal @Sally Eisenberg @Bryan Jones

I confirmed with the Product team that this issue has been resolved in the latest release - 20.4.30.
Please make sure your app is up-to-date.
If you are still experiencing this issue, please reach out to Support directly. If a problem persists, they can escalate to the product team and share all the relevant information pertaining to your experience.

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Since it seems an individual case for one of the user, not sure you will get a concrete answer or a perfect solution on that without troubleshooting the issue in depth.

Try to engage the user with Technical support team here and support team can coordinate with him to investigate and find a resolution. If this is a known case you can follow up with them for solution in future version.

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