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Voice delay on audio call

We are having the same problem as other users about the delay in audio calls.

All out team has the same problem and they are all in different locations, so is not a network issue. All of them have access to high-speed internet and use their phones connected to the WiFi. What can we do to solve this?

It's really annoying for the clients and the delay is getting worse since the last month.

Thanks in advance for your response.

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Ellie Crimi avatar image Ellie Crimi commented ·

We have the same problem! Our internet has been checked by our provider and there are no network issues. It's a constant thing and sometimes worse than others. This is diffenately a ringcentral problem...hoping to find a solution here!

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Though delay is mostly a network related issue, you can refer this link here and here which given the reason and few resolution.

Please check if it helps

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