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Ring Central Desktop App - No Longer Able to Edit Links

Using the Web App, you had the ability to add an optional title to the link to make it clearer as to what the link is. Is this feature no longer going to be available for either the Desktop or Web Apps?


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@tim-kenny If you are using the Desktop app, you can click on the Text Format Toolbar, then use the link icon to type in your link and the text you'd like to accompany it. It will show up with the label you choose in the links section of the Desktop app.

Let me know if this helps.


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Thank you that does help @Becky-Community_Manager! So I can update the links that I posted, is the only other way to get the links that I did not, would be to reach out to that specific person and have them follow the steps you had mentioned?

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Yes, that's the most efficient way.
Might be laborious though - let me know how it goes.

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I am not happy with the way the links are available in the new ring central app. We used to be able to sort them alphabetical and name them for ease in finding our links. We have LOTS of websites that we go to on a daily bases and there is no easy way to find these now. Any other tips? I would definitely like this to be update to be more like it was in GLIP.

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Shelly, thanks for your feedback. We will relay this to our Product Team. For feature requests, please add them to our Ideas Portal at

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