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Telephony Session Notifications questions

Just a couple of questions on the Telephony Session Notifications.

1. I never receive a Sequence 1 event. I sometimes also get sequence numbers skipped for a call. I've traced the services at the most verbose level to make sure a message wasn't getting dropped and can confirm I never receive the message containing the first Telephony Session Event.. unless the Sequence value is inaccurate or expected to never be "whole".

2. Is there a fool proof, solid way to determine if a call is Inbound to Ring Central or Outbound from Ring Central? Or to determine if the call is internal > internal?

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Good questions and this is complicated. It really depends on how you subscribe for notification (at the account level or just for an extension). Also if the caller is from the same account or from a PSTN phone number.

1. As you already noticed that some sequence numbers are missing, it is because there is no extension information (e.g. in case of a caller is a PSTN number), there is an event, but since there is no information , the event is not fired thru notification. You can use the sequence numbers to detect the call progressing order but should not assume the number to be associated with a certain status.

2. There is the "direction" information to determine "Inbound" or "Outbound" call, but you have to use the direction with the "from" and "to" information to determine if it is an "Inbound" call from outside number or not. To determine if the call is internal to internal, you can detect the "accountId" from all the sequences (belong to the same telephony session). If the account ids are the same, it is an internal > internal call.

Let me know what you want to achieve and maybe I can help you with a solution.

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Thanks for the clarification on the Sequence number.

We have DynamicsCRM and are testing the RingCentral integration. We have a business need to make sure that notes are made for each and every phone call and added to the Contact record of the CRM. The problems that we've identified with the RingCentral integration.

  1. The applet doesn't seem to have configurable permissions to prevent the end-user from turning off auto logging of calls.
  2. The applet doesn't have a "default" entity selection for saving the phone call information at the end of a call. And if the user doesn't pick an entity, the record doesn't get saved.

In order to work around this, we've decided to utilize RingCentral's notifications system for call info. I need to be able to accurately and reliably identify the direction of the call as well as the parties on the call. My current thought was to use RingMe vs RingOut but I havent tested if an inbound phone call registers as a RingMe or just a Call.

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Hello @Jordon,

For #1: Each end user has the ability to turn on or off the auto log call feature through the app settings. Are you looking for an admin level setting to prevent any end user to turn off their auto-log feature?

#2: We do have a default entity which is the "description" field in the call record that we push the call information as shown below.

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#1 Yes that is correct. We would need an admin setting to lock that down.

#2 Maybe I need to clarify what I meant. In the screenshot you can see the application is asking me to select a matching call record. If I don't select anything and the call ends, the record isn't created in the system. What I need is a default setting, or to always save the record and associate with at least the Contact.

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