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How to Use PHP on Cpanel to get Call Logs From All Users

I've been researching on how to access the logs for RingCentral for a while now and I'm having a bit of trouble. Essentially, I want to use a file on our web server to call the API and fetch all the records for every user (not just the owner account that I have the credentials set up on). Afterwards, I plan to store them in our database but I don't think I'll have issues there. From the link below, and other alternatives I've tried (Zapier), it appears that I need the username, password, and extension to get all this information collectively. Is there a way to get this information without requiring all users' passwords?

rest apicall logs
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You need to login your app with an admin user and use the account call log API:

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Thank you for reaching out!

I think that page leads me to have more questions. What is the accountid and where can I find it in the ringCentral account? What is the serverURL for the getenv variable? Also, the 27th line shows login information where the password is still required, right?

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Thanks for the heads up. I'm still having a bit of trouble. I can get the authorization code now but I can't seem to get the token. Here is the code that I'm using:

curl_setopt_array($curlpost, array(
    CURLOPT_URL => "{$authCode}&grant_type={$grant_type}&redirect_uri={$redirect_uri}",
        "Accept: application/json",
        "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded",
        "Authorization: Basic " .$base64test

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