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Messsage-only extensions on presence buttons

I'd like to request that this feature be added to RingCentral -- can we place message-only extensions on presence buttons/HUD? This would be very helpful.

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Hi Shane,

Just for clarification, you are saying an Ext. # that has been assigned as MESSAGES ONLY cannot appear on the HUD? Hmmm. Good question. Is there a direct line associated with the MESSAGE ONLY Extension? I have not come across any information that states you CANNOT add a MESSAGE ONLY extension to PRESENCE or HUD. However, it would seem to me if there was a direct line associated it would work. When you think of CALL FORWARDING, as an example, you are forwarding to the DIGITAL LINE and not to the extension because the extension is actually assigned to the DIGITAL LINE. Assign a digital line that may resolve your issue.

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Right - the message-only extensions for this particular customer do NOT have a digital line as that would cost $$. This is a school district that uses these for teacher mailboxes. The secretary would like to be able to transfer a parent to a teacher mailbox with her speed dial/presence buttons instead of referencing a paper list/memorizing the extensions and typing in manually.

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Hey @Shane White! This is a great feature. We would highly suggest posting this to our idea portal. Click HERE to add it. Thank you!

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