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Shared Workloads

I have a team that shares a workload. All calls coming through one number are handled by a team of people. Currently, calls come through a call queue set on rotating.

The problem I am seeking a solution for:

Calls can only go to one voicemail so if the call is not answered all work is dumped on one team member.

What I have already thought to try:

1) Assigning which extension receives the voicemail if a call is unanswered by times of day- this is not possible.

2) Having calls assigned to by rotating that will go to the team member who received the calls voicemail if unanswered- this is not possible

Any ideas out there on a work around?

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Hi Dee,

Why don't you have it sent to their emails? You can have multiple emails to receive voicemails.

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Dee Nicole avatar image Dee Nicole mary-community-moderator ♦♦ commented ·

Going to multiple emails does not delegate the workload unfortunately. We need to avoid multiple people following up on the same message. I appreciate the reply though and welcome more.

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ Dee Nicole commented ·

I see! There's no other workaround for this one, Dee.

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As an update for anyone else encountering this issue after 6 different support agents, hours of lost time and a world of frustration- rotating apparently does NOT actually send the call to different members of the call queue each time a call comes in (which is what several support agents and the RC help docs indicate). Apparently rotating still calls the same member first no matter what. How does this differ from sequential you ask? It doesn't.

We have had to settle on ringing all lines on the queue at once which is not at all a good solution. If your company is interested in the dynamic of competition or avoidance that feature can encourage it works but for us, it is a displeased making do with what is possible.

I do hope there is a solution to help delegate workloads soon.

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