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Does the 'free' Glip / RC App not allow outbound RC Video conference calls?

We are in the process of moving from desktop RingCentral Classic app to desktop RingCentral app. Our guest users - those without phone lines - don't see the phone icon > 1610022507491.png, which is as expected, but they don't see the camera icon > 1610022565162.pngeither.

The navigator icons appear like this > 1610022831119.png

which seems to be a change from RC Classic, where any user, even guests, could initiate RC Meetings with organisation team members or with other guest. Is this a change of policy for RCV by the company or can we re-enable this feature somehow?

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Hi David,

With the free version, sessions are limited to 60 minutes, while for paid accounts, the meeting duration limit is 24 hours. How many users are affected? Do they login using email?

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Yes, the guests are logged-in users and some are even on the same email domain, though without a paid subscription to RC Office. All eight of these 'guest' users are affected. Since RC Video has no separate client other than the RC App (Glip), they can now join video conferences set up by someone with a subscription (either using RC App or Chrome/Safari browser) but cannot initiate conferences among themselves. This should be made clearer. It was not like this in RC Classic or the RC Meetings client.

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