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Problems with shared directory on Yealink W56H handsets

I just started working with RC with an office pro account and simultaneously purchased A Yealink W60P and 3 additional W56H wireless DECT phones. I had done a lot of research on the phone beforehand and learned that the handsets had a shared directory feature, whereby if you add a contact to any phone the contact gets added to all phones. There is also a local directory where contact additions are only saved on that phone. My problem is that after going through the activation and configuration process with Ring Central, there is no access to the shared directory, only the local directory. The RC support person spent a lot of time trying to figure out why the shared directory feature of the phone was not working, and I have spent hours googling, looking thru forums, etc, all to no avail. Does anybody know why I would be having this problem and, more importantly, how I can fix it? Having to add each new contact 4 separate times for each handset would be a dealbreaker and I will have to cancel my RC service and return the equipment. Any help would be ENORMOUSLY appreciated

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