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Why does RC return 404 when trying to access recording?

Trying to download the recording url returned by RingCentral API is returning 404.

Recording uri got from call-log api endpoint, recording.contentUri property of a call object.

We did attach valid access token.

Why does RingCentral return 404?

rest api
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How did you download the content? Can you share some code snippet? Here is some example code using the RingCentral Node JS SDK

async function download_call_recording(){
    console.log("===== download_call_recording ======")
      const resp = await rcsdk.get("")
      var buf = await resp.buffer();
      fs.writeFile("new_recording.mp3", buf, function(){
    }catch (e){

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We try to download using Java client, but even curl is failing, can you check if the resource actually exists? What is the status of the resource?

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Where is your code snippet? Also, does this happen to all call recordings you have or just one of the recordings?

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