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Configure a Mediatrix 4124 with Ring Central

I am looking to test a Mediatrix 4124 (SIP 5) with Ring Central. I am struggling to identify the proper configuration to bring the system online.

I have the manual provisioning that Ring Central provides for the line I am attempting to test, but I have not been able to register the device with Ring Central. (SIP Domain, Outbound Proxy, Username, Password, AuthorizationID)

The mediatrix is currently on a public IP (for testing purposes only, to ensure that NAT'ing is not a problem). The unit is configured for the following DNS ( &

Below are the SIP configurations available

Configuration Options:

SIP Port

SIP Domain

Registrar Host

Registrar Port

Proxy Host

Proxy Port

Outbound Proxy Host

Outbound Proxy Port

Presence Compositor Host

Presence Compositor Port

SIP User Configuration Options:


Friend Name

Other Accepted Username

Authentication Options:




I am using the following configuration and have been unable to connect

Configuration Options:

SIP Port: 5060

SIP Domain:

Registrar Host:

Registrar Port: 0

Proxy Host:

Proxy Port: 0

Outbound Proxy Host:

Outbound Proxy Port: 5090

Presence Compositor Host

Presence Compositor Port: 0

SIP User Configuration Options:

Username: 1plustelephone#

Friendly Name:

Other Accepted Username: RingcentralAuthorizationID

Authentication Options:


Username: RingcentralAuthorizationID

Password: RingcentralPassword

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