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KPI Dashboards

Do you have any integrations with Dashboards services like to show KPI's like number of calls, Minutes, etc, in this case from Ringcentral ?
analytics and reporting
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Not currently, but there are more than one of the apps in the RIngCentral App Gallery which do offer these types of reporting services as part of their services (

Additionally, you could use the API resources such as Call-Log, Push Notifications, Message, and other resources of the RingCentral API to capture this into your own dashboard solution (we've had many customers who have done this for themselves successfully).
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Hi Benjamin, 

I am specifically in the need to capture the following from the dashboard:
1. Incoming call# (Basically I need to know of any value > 0)
2. Priority line callers vs standard line (I want to know when a call is coming in from a specific extension vs main support number)
3. Service Level % (I want to have a way to tell when above/at or below the SL% defined)

Any idea if those are part of any API? I searched and couldnt find anything. 
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We have an out-of-the-box dashboard service called Live Reports which you can learn more about below:

For something other than that, you may need to create your own dashboard which our customers do.

You can get the incoming call # and may be able to derive priority vs. standard line by called number from our presence events. Then you could you use that to power a dashboard, either building one from scratch or using a service like Geckoboard.

If you can tell us how you determine Service Level %, we may be able to help come up with something here too.
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Hi John, 

Thanks for the reply. Does the Live Reports have an API that I can use for some RESTful integration?

My goal is integrate some of the functions with an arduino 
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Live Reports does not have an API today but we are considering providing event data that could be used.

What do you want to do with the Arduino?
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I want to have a way to notify those in a call center that a call is in the queue waiting to be answered. I also want to update the status of the SL%. 

Feel free to email me at for more info. I have the logic worked out, I just need access to the data via API (or other methods if you can suggest them). 

Thank you, 
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