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how can we enable call recordings to record in Stereo?

hello, we are working with a 3rd party company that helps analyze call recordings. they require that we provide these recordings in Stereo format. currently our calls are recorded in Mono.

per this link, it states that we can manually enable Stereo call recordings. please help. thank you

call recording
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Currently, RingCentral does not provide dual channels (multiple channels) call recording. The link you provided does not lead to the info you mentioned.

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thank you. i apologize the link i included was incorrect. correct link:

it references stereo format recording in the section "Agent Recording (Dual Channel)"

in this section, there's a link to:

if we can access Stereo recordings, are we only able to retrieve recordings from /api/v1/admin/accounts/{accountId}/reportsStreaming ?

Thank you

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That is the RingCentral Engage Voice. I thought that you were asking for RingCentral Office. I will ask an Engage Voice expert and let you know.

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Engage Voice Agent Recordings (stereo recordings) are available via the Agent Segment Metadata Report. However, Agent Recordings are not turned on for a customer be default so you must contact your customer and ask them to work with their RingCentral Account Manager to have the Agent Recordings turned on for their account.

There is another way to get the Agent Recordings described here:

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