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Why am I being charged for sending fax if the fax sending is unlimited? (I figured out why and can help you fix this)

Each time I go over 100,000 usage minutes in a new UNLIMITED fax account (have been advised to close & open accounts due to this issue before), the system automatically starts sending me emails saying "Important Service Notice - Calling Credit - ZERO Balance" and trying to charge my credit card.

The support folks are kind enough to offer to reimburse these charges as they occur, but the problem is they keep charging more and more with each bunch of faxes (since it's already over 100,000 minutes) and doesn't stop, needing me to jump through hoops each time to call, explain, convince, and ward off irrelevant justification attempts by several staff for being billed (you must be faxing international, you must be faxing toll-free numbers, etc, which are all irrelevant) before finally I am told it will be reimbursed and won't happen again (but it does).

It would be SO MUCH NICER if you could only please program your system to not get triggered to bill us to begin with.

Been having this issue for months, and across many closed & new accounts. Once my UNLIMITED fax usage minutes crosses 100,000, the troubles begin again.

Please help. I am a big fan of RingCentral for many years now, and I appreciate you fixing this problem.

Thank you!

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
I'm going to follow up with the billing team to understand why this keeps happening and see if we can't come to some sort of resolution.
Please connect with us via email so we can push this a bit further.

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