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How can I get a list of groups and group details via the RC API?

Is there an API call that will allow my app to get any of the following:

a list of groups,

the manager for a particular group

the members for a particular group

I have seen this post about using the "Department" flag on the extension list API to retrieve a list of groups: . But it doesn't seem to be working as I thought it would. I have a group with three members in my account, and when I use the extension list API with the Department flag, I get no results back. I also noticed that the post is several years old. Perhaps this is no longer valid? Is this the correct way to get group information? Or is there a different API endpoint I need to use to get group info?

rest api
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Hi Matt,

Apologies for the delayed response.

It depends on what kind of groups. Currently, there are APIs to get a list of call queue groups and get call queue group's members. There are also APIs to get a list of call monitoring groups and get call monitoring group's members.

Are these the groups you are looking for APIs to read?

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Hi Phong, I'm not sure which one it is to be honest. It's these groups that are created in the admin portal:

Is it possible to get the members and manager for this group?

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Hi Matt,

Unfortunately, I can't find any API to read user groups and group's members. Can you provide me with some use case so I can make a request for such APIs.

Thanks for your time and co-operation in advance!

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Hi Phong, sorry for the delay. The use case is that I am providing scoped access to recorded calls to my customer. This customer has various groups of users. And each group has a manager that will be reviewing recorded calls just for that group. My product is able to provide scoped access to each manager (we have a process that analyzes each call and determines the appropriate extension and therefore the appropriate group to "assign" the call to. The part I am lacking is the ability to administer and manage those groups and managers.

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