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Business Hour Adjustment not changing calls direct to voicemail

The initial configuration of our business hours was 9 to 5. Outside that time frame, calls go direct to voicemail (as they should). However, when we adjusted our business hours (to 8:30 am from 9) calls between 8:30 and 9:00 am are still going direct to voice mail. The hours under Company Info are correct (revised hours) but no change. We checked everywhere we could for DND issues, but cannot find any that would be forcing the call direct to voice mail.

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Try to check the user hours of each extensions that should be receiving the calls. Make sure it is also changed.

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Thanks, but how does one check the hours of each extension that should be receiving the calls. We had thought the general business hours update would be the default for all extensions and that individual extensions would need to override the default?

By the way, does it matter if the changes are made from the app or the ring central website?

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Thanks Mary.

I found that the reception hours were still stuck from 9 to 5. Hopefully by changing these hours we won't continue to have the same problem. That said, I don't understand the utility of changing general hours for the entire business if reception's hours aren't adjusted by the macro change in business hours.

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