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Admin Portal Setting and Desktop and Mobile Phone Apps

Apparently, changing the Caller ID, for instance, in the Admin Portal does not roll over to the desktop or mobile phone apps. Is this correct? We created and applied a template to all the users , with no override privileges, but they did not appear to take effect on the desktop or mobile phone apps.

The main setting we needed was Caller ID so that all our outbound calls show the same number. After two weeks of using RC, we just learned from a client that our outbound number is not our toll free number but, instead, the user's assigned number.

So we had each user go into their desktop and mobile phone app to make the change.

So my questions are...

1. What is the point of the Admin portal settings if they do not get applied to the user's desktop or mobile phone app?

2. Do the Admin settings only apply to a physical phone?

3. If so, then how do we restrict users from making changes which may be outside what the company mandates?

4. Do templates and any Admin settings have any effect whatsoever on the desktop and mobile phones apps?


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