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RC Meeting Alternate Host

I know there was a post in November of 2020 in regards to adding the Zoom Alternate Host capability to RC Meetings. Has this been considered yet? We had to keep over 20 Zoom licenses due to the fact that RC Meetings does not have this capability. Seems very silly since most Executive Assistants setup meetings for their superiors...

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@Ryan Annear Thanks for checking in on this. We do have an idea in the Ideas Portal in regards to this feature.
You can add the above use case and upvote.

Idea can be found HERE.

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Becky - was this idea approved? We proposed this idea in 2019, 2020 and now again 2021. When is the idea going to become a solution? It was on your roadmap at one point in the last community portal that is no longer in existence.

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Frank, we've not gotten an update from Product on this item.
We'll be sure to update this thread when we hear about this feature.
In the meantime, we understand that some feature requests were lost when we moved to the new Community - and we encourage you to place your vote and use case information in the Ideas Portal.

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Please alternative host to meetings. We already voted and proposed this feature in 2019 and 2020. The old forum was deleted.

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frank-wilson14119. They added a workaround that we discovered, not ideal, but it does the job for the time being. Find the user in the RC Admin portal that you want an employee to schedule on behalf of (Alternative Host essentially). When you have the user selected there will be an option for a "Meetings" tab. In that "Meetings" tab, you will see "Schedule Meetings for Me", select the edit button and choose who you want from your RC tenant to schedule meetings for this user on their behalf.

Hopefully that helps? Again, we only were left with the answer from Becky, which was not ideal since this stems back to 2019. Thankfully we stumbled across this workaround.


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frank-wilson14119 avatar image frank-wilson14119 Ryan Annear commented ·

Ring Central suggested this in 2019 but it isn't a viable workaround. I shouldn't have to grant access to all my Ring Central meetings to a person that I want as a co-host or alternative host for one meeting series.

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