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Audio Feedback with RingCentral App - Loud High Pitched Echo noise during meetings

After downloading the new "R" icon app for RingCentral in every meeting that I am either hosting or attending with video and audio capabilities, I am experiencing a painfully loud and high-pitched audio feedback noise that comes out of nowhere throughout the meeting. Once the noise starts it will fade away but come back more and more frequently as the meeting carries on. This occurs to the point that the meeting is unable to proceed due to the frequent and annoying/disruptive sound. All users within the meeting are experiencing the same issue at the same time. The sound is similar to microphone feedback at a live event. This is happening without the use of any headsets. All users are utilizing Microsoft Surfaces and the internal speakers/microphone when attending/hosting meetings. Also while working with a live technical support specialist CTRL+ F1 to populate a menu within the app does not work. Any help is much appreciated!

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Hi @Erin Murphy have you tried calling our tech support? All of our Support numbers can be found here. You can also open a case online here.

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I have, I actually chatted with Jessa from Tech Support and she advised that I post this issue here to see if this could be fixed via a future update.

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Hi @Erin Murphy, do you have your case number?

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