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Outbound call not showing in App

Hello, I have an issue with Ring Central where every outbound call I attempt to place does not show in the app. Yet the call goes ahead. I can hear the call ringing, but no screen shows up telling me I am on an active call - I cannot put the call down, or mute or anything. If I press the green phone button again, all it does is statrt a new call on top of the existing call. I then get cut off a call 1-2 minutes in. Please can you help?

I am running RingCentral App on iphone

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Hi @James Bath, have you already tried to uninstall/reinstall your app?

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Hi @Mary-Community_Moderator - yes I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I have also done a hard reset of my iphone. One thing to add to this, I needed to reset my iphone settings yesterday, I am not sure if this is related to the problem or completely separate.

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Plese coordinate this issue to our Technical Support so they can fix this for you. All of our Support numbers can be found here. You can also open a case online here.

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