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Yealink with Corporate Contacts? Is it possible?

Based on the KB: RingCentral Corporate Directory Feature for Polycom Phones I am having to assume that the LDAP Directory will not work with any devices besides Polycom.

Can anyone confirm / deny this?

I'm digging deep with yealink to see how to manually add an LDAP to their phones and I'll attach the screenshot of what the GUI gives for options.

I'm hoping to find some solution as the client migrated over from 3CX which had a phonebook soft key and now they only have a dir key with no working directory unless it is done manually.


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Hello @Jacob Brown. For the phone configuration, this needs to be in our phone support. We highly suggest getting in touch with our Telus partner support. Here's the number 8446266638. Thanks, and stay safe!

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Ah, yes that makes more sense. I wasn't sure which section to assign the question to.

I'll give them a ring tomorrow for sure. Thank you!

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