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Call queue voicemail mark as read

According to this article ((1) Update Call Queue Messages and Notification Settings on the RingCentral Online Account), which by now may have been conveniently changed, it states that the option mark voicemails as read once they've been emailed should be available to select. However, the whole advanced settings menu is missing with no way to enable it.

Live Chat tried to tell me it's better for it to go to a specific extension, and create an email distribution group which is great but then the forwarded users personal voicemail will also go the distribution group.

All I'm trying to achieve is once a call comes into the call queue group and goes to voicemail, it gets automatically marked as read once the email goes it with the attachment on. Doesn't seem there is a way to do this unless I'm mistaken?

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Hi @Brendan Richman, can you send us a screenshot of your Call Queue Messages and Notification Settings where the option should be on it?

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Hi Mary, here is the screenshot. As per the article I linked above, I can get to Call Queue > Messages & Notifications > Settings > Edit, but the article says to select 'Advanced Settings' from the drop-down list but unfortunately there is no such drop-down list. Supposedly in Advanced Settings there should be an option to mark voicemail messages as read once emailed.screenshot-2021-03-24-090500.png

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Hi Brendan, thanks for the screenshot provided. I will ask our Product Team on why it doesn't have the option. I will get back with you once I have the answer. Thanks!

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1 Answer

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tak-it1 answered

@ Brendan - it's a bug. You need to delete your managers, go back to your notifications -> settings -> "edit" and you'll see the drop down with no managers added to the queue. From there, you'll see the advanced tab. Keep in mind - you need to delete the queue first as there is no option to remove all managers once you've created a queue. So, when recreating, don't add the managers and select "user manager's email" instead and continue on.

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