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Ring Central & Insightly Integration Call Log,How do I remove call logs as events with the Insightly & Ring Central integration?

The Insightly & Ring Central Integration currently logs phone calls as past events that show up on a users calendar. While building this out, I realized that 40+ calls a day for a user will render the calendar as virtually inoperable as it is bogged down by call logs. Is there a way to stop Insightly from posting the call log to the calendar while leaving it show under the "activity" tab of the respective lead?


The one flaw I have found with the most recent integration between Ring Central & Insightly is that calls are logged as past events within Insightly. While this is a good thing, those past calls are listed on the calendar as an event. When 40 calls are made a day, the calendar gets to jumbled where it makes it virtually inoperable. Is there a way to stop the call logs being posted to the calendar?

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