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Can I make incoming faxes appear in multiple desktop apps?

Seems simple enough. My boss and I would both like to see all incoming faxes in our desktop apps.

Someone has to have solved this problem.

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Hi Lee, only one user or recipient is allowed to receive fax in the desktop app but you can have multiple emails to receive faxes instead. For feature requests, please add it in our Ideas Portal at

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Joe Cache avatar image Joe Cache commented ·

Have the fax sent (via the advanced part of notifications) to an email distribution list. That way you control which groups of people get which faxes.

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Becky-Community_Manager avatar image Becky-Community_Manager ♦♦ Joe Cache commented ·

That's a smart workaround, @Joe Cache.

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Lee McCoy avatar image Lee McCoy commented ·

Thank you all. Our goal is to avoid our users having to receive another email just to get a fax. If they could see all faxes in the app, they could review them there and avoid any further action in many cases.

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