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Inconsistencies in Phone App vs. Desktop App

I have gotten used to the new desktop app and I have started to like it, but I'm puzzled as to why there are so many design inconsistencies between the mobile app and the desktop app. Did the developers not talk to each other?

For instance - my contacts are completely different on my phone than my desktop. If I'm at my desk and the phone rings, it will show up as Person A on the desk caller Id and Person B on my mobile caller id. Seems like they would both be accessing the same contact list. Is the contact list stored on each device not on the cloud?

Also, on the mobile app, I love the ability to filter to view unread/unheard messages. Can't do that on the desktop app.

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Hey, @Kelly Enser Thanks for the feedback!
It's important to hear from customers that are using both so we can understand what is and isn't working.
I'm going to share this with our product team - and I'll share any details I get in response.

Sometimes we have opportunities for customers like you to share feedback with our UX team and I'll recommend you to them as they plan their next steps!

Stay in touch - reach out via email at if you have anything else to share!

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