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A phone that is NOT in a call group rings when a call comes in, how do I stop it?

I am the front line of the phones, and we have a setup where it rings on my mobile first (RingCentral App), then my physical phone in the office, then it rolls over to a group. However, every time a call comes in, one of the phones at the office will always ring 4 times before it goes to the front desk. The phone it is ringing on is not listed at all in my call group. My settings are all correct, we cannot figure out why this phone is ringing.

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Check the Call Forwarding settings of all the users that are member of the group. It could be added as one the forwarding phones.

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I checked, no one has any forwarding phones added. Mine is the only phone that has call forwarding set up, even.

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I should clarify - my phone is front desk, so our regular business number rings to my phone only. I have call forwarding set up so that if I miss a call, it rolls over into the back office. But instead of my phone ringing, it's ringing that one in the back, which is not on any list of forwarding for this phone number. I have no idea if that helps.

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Please coordinate this with our Technical Support so they can personally access your settings and see where the issue is. You can create a support case online here. All of our Support numbers can be found here.

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