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Zapier / RingCentral call queues not working?,Zapier / RingCentral Call Queue issue?

Hiya, I'm trying to make a Zapier that detects a missed call on RingCentral. That way if a customer calls in, it notifies me on another application. That being said, you can't detect missed calls from a call queue.

For example:

I can only connect Zapier to a phone number (123.456.7890) and cannot connect it to the call queue because the number is the "call queue manager" so there's not a login for the call queue specifically. This means, if there is a missed call on a call queue, Zapier won't detect it, it will only detect specifically missed calls left for 123.456.7890 which, obviously, nobody misses a call because it immediately directs them to a call queue.

Is there any way I can find a login to the call queue specifically to hook Zapier up that way or am I grasping for straws?


I'm trying to integrate RingCentral with Zapier to detect Missed Calls... the problem is it doesn't allow you to connect a call queue, so if someone calls a Call Queue and the call is missed... you can't access THAT call through an API, unless I'm missing something?

If I connect the operator number it only detects missed calls that were left specifically for the operator, but you can't find the call queue missed calls even if you're the call queue manager?

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Hi @Ethan Reed, were you able to create a case?

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You can open a case HERE for integrations issues and I guess RC support team will assist you

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