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Assignees dropped. Assignees can't see a task.

Why are assignees names being dropped off of tasks on Glip? Even when we edit the task and add the assignee back on, it drops them again. Also, we are having a problem with Assignees not being able to see their tasks even though they are listed as an assignee on a task.

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Hi Nancy, is this happening on two or more tasks?

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Yes it is. This happens frequently to different users and on different tasks.

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Are you the one who created the tasks?

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Sometimes it's me. All of us share in creating tasks. But we are finding that it happens mostly when Howard creates the task. He doesn't have the ability to choose which team the task is assigned to. I am not sure how to fix that on his settings. This has been an issue for more than a year but is now causing issues with tax returns getting stuck on someone's list because they can't see the task. I can see all of the tasks unless Howard enters them and doesn't add me as an assignee.

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Nancy, it shows that you have created a ticket regarding this. It has been assigned to a Tech Support. Kindly check your email as the agent sent you one. He might call you later.

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They just called and are trying to help me fix the issue. Thank you for your help!

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We are still using Ring Central Classic as the new Ring Central does not have Sections.

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