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Mobile App Not Ringing

As the title expresses, several users in my organization aren't receiving calls specifically on the mobile app - with zero changes to the system. It was working flawlessly earlier today. The desktop app still functions properly and the desk phones still work for those who use them. Anyone else have this issue? Any suggestions? Currently on hold with chat support (I've been waiting 30 minutes already..), and can't call in because the phone system tells me that my PIN for my voicemail is incorrect - when I know for a fact that it is not.

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Same thing happening with me and least one other use. Call is being forwarded, it just doesn't ring through the app.

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Yeah, I tried forwarding it to my cell number just to test. It rings my cell after it is "finished" ringing my mobile app. Unfortunately we have a few users without desk phones, so we have to rely on the desktop app for now I suppose.

I did test uninstalling the new ringcentral app and downloading RC Phone, and even though the interface is blocked for me, saying that I am required to upgrade to the new app - a call did successfully come through the old RC Phone app. Something must be up with the new app and the mobile ringing policies.

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We've been going back and forth with RC support on this with no success. Per their request, we saved and sent in logs from the mobile app, and then RC said the logs were too big. Then they said it was a service outage that was later resolved. They're now (as of 4/20) claiming this is a known bug defect with no ETA for resolution.

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Hey Matt, I really appreciate the insight on this - you just saved me a good few hours of jumping through loops today. I had a user last night experience this issue after RingCentral supposedly "fixed" this problem.

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Same thing happening to us. Please let us know what support says. Based on what you are saying Jon, I wonder if I should have our users uninstall the app and then reinstall. Thoughts?

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Hey Renee, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling my app with no luck. So it probably isn't worth the hassle. I'm still on hold with chat(over an hour at this point), still can't get through to phone support, and the case portal won't allow me to submit a new case. I'm really up the creek without a paddle right now. A real shame their support is so below par.

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@Jon Criste Try communicating with and check if they can help

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Thank you for that recommendation, I sent them an email.

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I did uninstall/reinstall yesterday and it didn't work. But, it seems to be working correctly this afternoon.

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