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Issue with call log and warm transfers

I am using the API to load call logs into our on premise database server. I am finding that calls where a receptionist makes a warm transfer to another employee creates a situation where the employee's call log shows the call as being from the receptionist, and NOT from the original caller.

This is causing a problem for our compliance department and it also defeats the purpose of having any analytics. How can I match a call represented by a warm transfer to the original caller, and not the receptionist that transferred it?

Edit to add: I am wondering if the TelephonySessionId field in a call log record would be a way to create this link. I know it's at least nominally possible, because the RingCentral's analytics page makes the associations correctly.

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I am aware of the missing info of call transfer data in the call log. Unfortunately, there is no direct solution for this problem. But you can work around the problem by using the telephony session event notification to track transfer calls and there is a way to match the original caller.

Let me know if you want to explore this option.

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I found the article on describing this procedure. My understanding is that this has to be done in real time and I will need to maintain a web server to listen for subscription notifications 24/7. I probably will attempt this at some point, but the time effort to create an entirely new application from scratch just for this might be something I can't justify right now.

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Unfortunately, that is the only option to catch the event and get the transferred call telephony session id to match the record in the call log.

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