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Bugs in RingCentral Unified App for Meetings ,When will "Request Remote Control" feature be available in the unified RingCentral app?

When I schedule a meeting and change the title of the meeting, the default title is populated in the list of meetings on the meetings page of the app, not what I changed the title to be in the scheduling screen.

Also, after I join a scheduled meeting, when I go back to the Meetings screen in the unified app, the meeting is now listed twice - same time, title and meeting ID #


You CANNOT retire the RingCentral Meetings app until this feature is available. It is critical for our work product to be able to remotely control our agency computers.

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Hi Tiffany, kindly coordinate your concern with our Technical Support Team for this. Click here for ways to contact support.

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I already contacted the support team via phone - they said to tell the developers. There are SO many bugs with the Meetings version of the unified app. If you force people to upgrade in 30 days like the email notification I just received mentioned, you will lose customers in DROVES. I cannot function with the Meetings portion of the Unified RC app as it stands now. We will be forced to switch carriers - I'm about to start investigating that possibility now because this app has so many problems and RC is retiring the old apps that ACTUALLY WORK.

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Kindly add a request for this missing feature in our Ideas Portal at

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