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Mobile App data storage,RingCentral App eats massive iphone storage - Biggest app by far

New mobile app uses nearly 1/2 Gigabyte of data storage on iphone. 3x bigger than the next largest app on phone. This is way too much and is causing problems with ability to update phone or other apps. No ability to reduce what is stored, no idea what causes such massive data use, and very time consuming to try to delete call history, voicemails, messages, etc. This is way way way way way too big. Old phone app did not use even 1/2 of this much data.


OMG - the new RingCentral app (mobile) is a data storage hog. I have no idea why and no ability to reduce storage space used. Nearly 1/2 GIGABYTE just to put stupid app on phone. No way to limit services needed by phone, empty cache, limit number of days of messages/voicemail, and very time consuming to delete calls, voicemail and messages manually. TERRIBLE APP with no thought for cost to phone user to eat up so much data for one app. Old phone app did not use nearly so much space.

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Hi Sheryl, thanks for your feedback. We will share this with our Product Team.

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