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911 Best Practices in a Virtual, Hybrid, and Returning-to-Work World

As you plan to reopen your office, don't forget about your phone system!

Now is an excellent time to check that the registered locations of all direct lines (both desk phones and softphones) are accurate and up-to-date. The registered location must be accurate for emergency responders to reach your users if a user dials 911. For more information on how to update an E911 address, review these

Why Update My Users’ Registered Location?

An inaccurate registered location may delay or prevent emergency responders from reaching a user’s location. We cannot send help if we do not know where to send it. When a user calls 911, we route the call based on the registered location we have on file. If the registered location is incorrect, the call may take additional time to reach the closest emergency response center. This could delay emergency service response times.

Why Are You Asking Us to Update the Registered Locations Now?

This is for the safety of your users. It is best practice to ensure that your registered locations are accurate and current at all times. We are sending this reminder now because many offices have reopened or plan to reopen, which will cause the registered location of many of your numbers to change.

When Must I Update My Registered Location?

As soon as you can, and any time that a desk phone or softphone location changes.

Does RingCentral track my location?

No. RingCentral does not track users’ location. RingCentral provides a user’s location information only to emergency service responders if a user dials 911.

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