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Have you noticed the changes at RingCentral University?

We recently rolled out a new RingCentral University. There’s a new look, and a new perspective on how to help you get the most out of this valuable resource. While there are plenty of changes, some obvious and others not, here are two things that are helping us live up to our promise of “Training. Simplified.”

Simpler UI: Our approach is to make it easy to figure out which courses you should take. There are two levels in the course catalog:

  • Proficiency: Basic or Advanced
  • Role:
    • For MVP: Admin or User
    • For CC/Engage: Agent, Supervisor, Admin, Analytics

Fewer Choices: Yup. Fewer. Studies show that too many choices can be overwhelming, leading to less usage. So we’ve redesigned our offerings to make it easier to find the training you need.

  • We offer core learning paths for Basic and Advanced users.
  • Courses are being redesigned to focus on the specific skills needed for your role.
  • Some "lightly used" topics have been retired. Others are still there, but have been moved to an existing course as a new lesson.
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