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Feature Friday: Shared Voicemail

Happy Friday, Community friends!

This #featurefriday, we're highlighting shared voicemail.

Whether it’s the front-desk staff at a doctor’s office or a customer feedback line, there are scenarios where multiple people may need to access a common voicemail account as part of their everyday responsibilities. For organizations that need voicemail storage and access to be tied to job function—rather than accessed only by specific, named individuals—we’re unveiling shared voicemail.

Shared voicemail allows organizations to designate multiple users as co-recipients for voicemail, improving team efficiency and communication. With shared common voice mailboxes, messages can be listened to, saved, or deleted by any user who is added as a co-recipient.


Learn more here.

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I've added Co-recipients to the mailboxes I need multiple users to access. However, I don't know how to now listent to any of the voicemails. They do not show up in each Co-recipients user apps. How do we access these voicemails?

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