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12/08/2022 10 AM ET - Known Outage

Hi everyone,

Yes, there is currently a known outage impacting the app. When updates are available, they will be posted on

I know it's a rocky start to your Thursday morning, our engineering team is actively researching for the timeliest resolution. Here's hoping it's a quick fix, for all of us!

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Why aren't your users sent an email on this? Rather than having staff inform us that it doesn't work. Best to be proactive and not reactive.

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That would be nice, wouldn't it... If only there was a function that could do that - oh wait - there is! [/sarcasm]

My bet is on DNS - someone pushed an update that borked a few segments, and then cascade failure.

Yeah - nothing like fielding a fewhundred emails and calls when you first wake up. Even when we send out status emails staff rarely reads them.

This should be an insteresting SBAR to read.

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