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Top Contributors of the Week

We wouldn’t be a Community without our members– and we have some great contributors this week! Thank you to everyone who contributes in sharing their knowledge and expertise within our Customer and Developer communities.

@Patrick Lewis , you're the top voter of questions for this week. Thanks for your support!

@IT Team, I hope our fellow members' answers and suggestions helped you with your concern!

@frank-busalacchi-jr., you made it to the top this week again! Thanks for staying active and for helping others who came to your post.

Welcome to the Community, @Jesse Latham! Thanks for joining our Dev Community in finding a solution to your issue; we're glad you're all good!

Welcome to the Community, too, @Jonas Jacinto! We're delighted that you were satisfied and that you accepted the answer right away! Come back if you have any other questions.

A special shout out to @tak-it1! You have been active in our Community since 2019, and you're always doing great in answering questions and providing workarounds. We really appreciate your presence!

Lastly, we also want to recognize a new member who helped solve critical issues in the Developer Community these past few days! @Andrew Gaskill! Please continue sharing your knowledge!

Thank you again to everyone who participates and helps develop our Community into a better space for all.

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